The MVAD Student Fashion Show and Design Exhibit has been rescheduled as a culminating event in the Spring. All student work will be exhibited on a yet to be determined date. Stay tuned and check your email for more information soon!

The MVAD students worked hard toward our final goal: the 2015-2016 MVAD Student Fashion Show and Design Exhibit! We'll have a 1980's pop up museum. If you would like to lend us an artifact from that awesome decade, please use the form below.

TRS-80 Laptop
Thank you to the Sloan family for this gem of an artifact. I can't wait to see it exhibited in the Spring in the 80's Museum!


We're off to a great start in the Media, Visual Arts, and Design class. Stay tuned for more information soon. This year's themes combine Back to the Future 2 with The Matrix. If you want to know more about how that applies to art and design, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


To learn by working with peers, mentors, community members, experts, and technology/design tools to solve challenges, build several futures, and overcome impossibleness.
What is "impossibleness"?  It's the perception on the part of the masses that a thing cannot be done or cannot exist.  For the masses, this perception is reality.  For the student designers of the MVAD, it is merely a challenge to overcome.


Our vision is to provide flexible learning experiences and environments to student designers to help them recognize and develop opportunities, connections, partnerships and resources so that they can achieve academic, social-emotional, and economic success in a visual arts and design context.

 RMS Related Arts Schedule
 1st Period
8:39 – 9:25
 2nd Period
9:39 – 10:29
10:41 – 11:19
 3rd Period
11:23 – 12:13
4th Period
12:17 – 1:07 
 5th Period
1:21 – 2:11
 6th Period
2:25 – 3:15

Ken Morrill
Media, Visual Arts and Design Teacher/Facilitator
Riverside Middle School
615 Hammett Bridge Rd
Greer SC 29650