Computer Sign-Up


  • Media Center: 34 Windows computers
  • The conference room can be reserved. It has an old (orange) Promethean board and docking station.


  1. Click here to see when computers are available and to reserve yours.
  2. Click the lab with the smallest number of computers that works for your class. The appointment slots divide the period into two halves, so if you need it for the entire period, be sure to reserve both halves (look at the times to the left). Due to the changing times for Power Hour vs. regular schedule, the beginning and ending times won't line up exactly. 
  3. In the description, put the number of computers you will be using. This allows us to determine if you can share with another class that might need to use computers as well.
  4. The appointment shows up on your Google Calendar in the calendar with your name. You can set a reminder if you want by clicking to edit the event.
  5. If you need to cancel, click on it, delete it, and notify all guests. This makes sure it shows up for everyone again.