Have you often thought, I can not help my child do their work anymore?  Yeah! Well, have I got some news for you.  You are the very person I need to help your child become interested in History.  History is made everyday.  Do you remember the space shuttle blowing up? Do you remember what you learned in your history class?  Well, history does not change.  You can help me throughout the year by asking your child what they are studying. Tell them what you know and then ask them what they have learned in class!

Also, Parents I give homework almost and it is due the next day. Most of the time it is from their book or their student resource guide ( workbook) It is their's to keep and they may write in it.  Please encourage your child to turn in their homework.

Encourage your child to pay attention in class, respect others, and learn.

If you need me for any reason, please email me at
  Thank y