Student Information

As a high school student, expectations and student responsibilites are different than those of students in middle school.  As you move up through the grade levels, expectations and student responsibilities continue to change.  Part of my job is to help you navigate these.
I expect great things from each student that enters my class.  You may be wondering what that looks like.  When you arrive to class on time, I expect you to have all necessary materials with you.  You will not be allowed to go back and forth to your locker to get books or notebooks.  You need to learn to manage your priorities.  Again, this is something I will help you to learn.  As you may or may not know, BHS is a Bring Your Own Device school.  However, that does not mean you will have your phone/device out in class...unless I have given you permission to use it for educational purposes only.   The school's BYOD policy will be followed in all school setting, including my class.
Classroom Rules and Consequences:

Please refer to each individual teacher's classroom rules and consequences as they apply.