Welcome Page

Updated April 27, 2020

Welcome Parents,

The "About Me" page will tell you a little about myself.
"Class Schedule" page will let you see when I teach what subject.
"Curriculum" will let you know what we are learning in 2nd grade and give you an idea of when we will hit topics.
"Dragon's Roar" is my weekly news letter.
"Spelling and Homework" will allow you to see what homework we are doing and our spelling words.  
"Elearning Packet 2" will allow you to see the new Elearning packets.  
"E Learning Packet 3" is now up on my site.  Parents, remember, your child will not need to complete the last 5 days of packet 2.  They should begin the new ELearning April 20, 2020.
"E Learning Packet 4" is now up on my site.  This is for April 27 - May 1

Important Dates: 

Please check our school's website for current updates.