Berea High School textbooks are the property of the State of South Carolina.  Students are responsible financially for missing or damaged textbooks checked out to them.  Students should write their name and the school year where indicated inside the front cover of the textbook.

Textbooks are issued to students using an electronic barcoding system.  The student's ID number is scanned along with the textbook, which has a state barcode on it, before it is loaned to the student.  When the student returns the textbook, the textbook is scanned to identify the individual the textbook was last scanned out to and the textbook is checked for damage.  Mr. Maness will determine whether a fine or replacement charge is warranted for issues.

If a textbook is lost by the student, the student should notify Mr. Maness as soon as possible.  A replacement textbook cannot be issued to a student until the lost textbook is paid for or payment arrangements are made.  Only students on an Individualized Education Plan that references the need for an additional set of textbooks are given duplicate textbooks.

Berea High School operates on a block schedule.  Textbooks issued to students in the fall must be returned at the end of the semester in order to receive second semester textbooks.  Second semester textbooks issued to students are to be returned at the end of the school year. 

Students with overdue textbooks will be assessed a five dollar late fee.  Students that owe textbooks and/or fines at the end of the school year will have their report card withheld and may experience delays in getting their textbooks at the start of school the following year.

An effort is made for each student to receive textbooks that are in good condition.  Students are not to leave textbooks in classrooms or unattended.  Teachers are asked to return textbooks left by students to Mr. Maness.  A locker is assigned to each student for textbook storage.

Withdrawing students are to return all checked out materials to Guidance.  New students to Berea High School during the school year will be called to Mr. Maness for their textbooks during 4th block or the following day.  Students that owe books from their previous school must have their books cleared prior to receiving textbooks.