To be counted present in a class, a student must be present for 50 minutes of the class period.

Early Dismissals
In order for a student to be dismissed from school early, the parent/guardian and student must follow the following process:
    1.  Parents must send in a written request (NO PHONE CALLS OR FAXES) stating the time of dismissal, the reason for the dismissal, whether or not the student will return to school that day and a phone number where they can be reached to verify the request.
    2.  Students should drop off the written request in the main office before 8:40 AM and in enough time to get to class on time.  The student must pick up the dismissal slip from the front office during class change.  If a parent/guardian cannot be reached, the early dismissal request will not be honored.
    ***There will be NO early dismissals after 3:15 PM unless a note has been received and school personnel have confirmed it earlier in the day.
    Early dismissals will be coded as unexcused unless a doctor's note is received upon the student's return to school.

The School District of Greenville County has adopted uniform rules to assure that students attend school regularly.  Each day that students are not in school they are missing valuable instruction.  All children are required to attend a public or private school beginning at age five and continuing until their seventeenth birthday.  Students are counted present only when they are actually in school, on homebound, or are present at an activity authorized by the school principal.  Credit may be denied to students who miss more than three days of a 45 day half unit course, five days of a 90 day one unit course or 10 days of a year long course, regardless of the grade earned.

It is the student's responsibility to get makeup work from his/her teacher(s).  Assignments made during the absence must be made up within a time set by the teacher and not to exceed five days unless compelling evidence warrants an extension.  Assignments made prior to the absence are due upon student's return to school.